N De Mario & Mario Ltd legally supply unlicensed and difficult to find medicines on a Named Patient Program (NPP) basis expertly navigating strict country regulations for the legal supply of medicines in a compliant way to Healthcare Professionals whose patients have; non-life-threatening, life-threatening, long-lasting, or seriously disabling illnesses who require urgent treatment or early access to drugs offering a better quality of life, which are:

• Not launched in their country
• In short supply
• Discontinued

Following approval of an individual patient treatment request, N De Mario & Mario Ltd draws on its vast global network of validated suppliers to locate the required medicines and co-ordinate the logistical supply to the patient’s healthcare provider. Working closely with the pharmaceutical supplier ensures their full visibility and control is retained of the information passed to and from the healthcare provider, throughout the entire NPP process.

If you are faced with a situation where a drug is not available to you, speak to your physician or healthcare professional and ask them to contact us so that we can discuss the appropriate options which are available.

To discuss Named Patient Supply, please contact +44 (0) 208 732 5427

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