N De Mario & Mario Ltd. established in 2015, trading since 2017 supplying a range of pharmaceutical products including specialised (unlicensed medicines) and licensed medicines from the UK, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, New Zealand and more.

Possessing expertise on sourcing, distribution and delivery providing medicines into regions worldwide. With our solid understanding of local laws and processes we work in partnership with manufacturers to distribute their medicines into new territories on demand and through exclusive partnership agreements.

We offer comprehensive support to our partners to facilitate local product registration by liaising with manufacturers having expertise in the complex market entry of commercial drugs globally.

Delivery is facilitated through our multilingual customer services team utilising our expertise, infrastructure and supply chain logistics, to ensure the medicines and supporting clinical information arrive both quickly and safely with the individual patients, prescribing physicians, hospitals or clinics.

Contact us for further information about partnering with us, product registration, Named Patient Program (NPP) or to source branded, generics, OTC, cold chain product(s) from our validated global supply network.

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